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Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Financial Statement & Assurance Services

We can provide compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements should you need them. We also can work with you to design agreed upon procedures reviews and audits tailored to the needs of your specific business or industry. We can help you design your financial statements to comply with the requirements of stockholders, creditors, regulatory agencies and other end users. We will also help you understand your financial statements to better manage your business and achieve your personal financial objectives.

Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

In today's complex business world, some companies find it difficult to manage all of the many functions required to run their businesses and keep up with bookkeeping and payroll. Wouldn't it help you to rely on a trusted and accessible business partner to handle your bookkeeping and payroll needs so that you can focus on running your business? Allow us to take care of your bookkeeping and payroll needs. We design and maintain all bookkeeping and payroll functions on affordable small business software packages that can be transferred to your business later should your needs change (SeeĀ Software Consulting Services). Outsourcing your bookkeeping and payroll services can actually save you money when you compare our charges to the cost of in house staffing, and the cost of maintaining all of the necessary equipment and software. Our bookkeeping and payroll services include:

  • Manage Accounts Receivable by invoicing customers & posting receipts
  • Manage Accounts Payable by posting vendor invoices and paying bills
  • Maintain and manage Inventory and Job Cost records when needed
  • Manage Cash through bank reconciliations and cash flow forecasting
  • Maintain General Ledgers and Journals
  • Develop and maintain budgets and forecasts
  • Produce Financial Statements (See Financial Statement & Assurance Services)
  • Design and prepare other custom reports upon request
  • Maintain Employee master files
  • Pay Employees with payroll checks or through direct deposit
  • Provide after-the-fact payroll tax services if needed
  • Maintain and report employee benefit and workers compensation records
  • Prepare any related payroll or other business tax reports or filings